Peaceful Heart Vital Body

Energy and Vitality in the midst of Life's Changes

PACE for a peaceful heart, vital body

From Brain Gym(R), this little sequence of things will immediately calm you, put a spring in your step and deeply integrate both hamispheres of the brain, the upper and lower body and back and front (all aspects) in just a few short moments. Called PACE because it not only makes you feel Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic but reconnects you to your own organic rhythm, your true nature. Enjoy!

For when you are afraid to move forward

When the muscles of the sacrum, nape of neck and calves are tight, you literally cannot function and children cannot focus, learn and digest information. It is basically fight/flight or freeze, and we can be there in the schoolyard, at the shop or even at home. Many people live there! This is lovely to do - quick, easy and effective, to release what we call the tendon guard reflex. And you will find moving forward is not a leap into the scary unknown. It is just a step.

For nightmares and waking at night

An easy and effective little movement that your kids can do if they wake at night, especially if they are frightened by a dream or finding it hard to go back to sleep. Lovely if someone can hold their "Postive Points" but they can also hold them themselves, after doing the "Cook's Hook-Up" first. You can actually do it anytime, anywhere, standing, sitting or lying down. Very good before a performance, meeting or other stressful situation.

For anxiety, tantrums and vaguing out...

A simple little exercise you can do anywhere, anytime. I have done it mid tantrum with my daughter (hers, not mine!) and it works, whether you are "vagued out" or fully engaged in fight/fright/freeze.