Peaceful Heart Vital Body

Energy and Vitality in the midst of Life's Changes

So what is stress?

Stress is WAY MORE than feeling tense or needing a holiday.

Stress can be a state of complete overwhelm; it can sharpen our tempers, so that we explode or implode, often with very little provocation.

It can affect us emotionally, so we react to every little thing with little or no control over how we react.

It can make us feel powerless and helpless so that we retreat completely from the world and are deaf to others' offers of help...

So what does it do to our children, who are not yet emotionally developed enough to always understand what is going on for them?

Stress in fight is aggression, defensiveness and lashing out.

Stress in flight is refusal to go to school, eat, sleep or running away.

Stress in freeze is sometimes complete retreat into oneself, internal turmoil and disconnection from one's own emotions and from others.

They are all aspects of fear and overwhelm. And today, more than ever, we are seeing children under stress, with alarming results.

I work with children who are struggling with anxiety and stress, making it difficult - or impossible - to sleep, allowing them to reconnect with a deep sense of safety and peace within themselves. From this place, they can BE children: creative, playful, social and relaxed when it's bedtime. I also help other family members towards the same goal.

Having worked with children most of my adult life, whether it be teaching, story-telling or Chinese medicine, I use a variety of modalities to specifically pinpoint the issues at play. Then tailor a session for your child. Sessions may include sand tray, counselling and TCM diagnosis, which gives me a clear picture of the state of the body-mind and therefore an idea about which direction to take. Specific meditations, simple movements and Bush Flower Essences may be given to do at home, which gives longevity to a session.

I am deeply committed to working with your child and you, to help you to connect more deeply to one another, while finding a renewed autonomy which allows both of you to feel safe and free to express who you are in your lives without the burden of stress.

I will work with your child to free up stuck energy on the physical/energetic level while calming any excess energy which may be contributing to lack of sleep.

We will find the calm, safe places which allow your child to truly be himself, thereby moving at his own pace towards renewed peace, happiness and enjoyment of life. These calm, safe places will also allow you to expand into the world and live the life you want to live.

You will find new sources of energy and vitality and learn how to maintain good health and wellbeing with simple tools.  

And you will have the strategies to help your children to feel more confident, happy and peaceful and express themselves with ease.