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The Myth of the Black Sheep

Posted on September 5, 2018 at 9:45 PM

Are you the "Black Sheep" in your family? Of course, if not, I'm sure you can immediately name the one in your family who was and is somehow different from the rest..? I was not. But my brother was labelled as such, mainly because he was not a classical musician but preferred guitar and playing the Blues.  Families have a specific dynamic, stories they tell which keep everyone in a certain role so that things can run smoothly. Perhaps the black sheep is the one who resists the role assigned to them. They are also often the ones who highlight the issues nobody in the family wants to acknowledge!

As we all grew up and went our different ways, it became clear to me that we were all, in our own ways, "black sheep". We found our own, individual feet. We also carried similar burdens, dealt with in our own ways.

I have met others who are considered odd in the family, or problematic or in need of extra attention and learned early on that it is the dynamic of the family itself which needs to change. This is much easier said than done! But in looking at the one who is consuming all the attention, I often see an accumulation of energy in the Base Chakra. This is the energy centre at the base of the spine and connected to the legs, feet and pubic bone and is connected with trust, survival and basic needs. In these situations, I see it as a bit of a messy conglomeration of old, familial energies which are affecting all other energies in the energy body.If there was famine and scarcity experienced by the ancestors, for instance, the tendency in the individual may be to put on a lot of weight. If there was once war and struggle, war and struggle may be what they still carry. I feel this is epidemic, as our history as a race is so full of struggle.

These things are not difficult to address but may take some time to clear and hopefully other family members are open to the process. Clearing energy centres and taking Bush Essences are a good start.

I have recently discovered that the beautiful Bush Iris is a lovely one to clear the Base Chakra, which keeps us in survival: fight/flight/freeze, distrust and fear of life's processes. Boab has always been used for clearing ancestral and familial issues which might keep us stuck and in this way, it, too, clears out the dysfunction of familial patterns. It is a good idea for other family members to take the essences too.

It is so liberating to clear ourselves of old pain. It opens us up to so much. We need to understand more deeply the struggles of the past, so we can see ourselves clearly and make conscious choices. At this time of so much reaction, fear and even hatred of "the other", we can also start to see others clearly and without judgement. While loving and holding our family close, we can start to see the patterns of the past. And with great respect, acknowledge the wisdom of our ancestry and make our own choices in the here and now.

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