Peaceful Heart Vital Body

Energy and Vitality in the midst of Life's Changes

Children do not enter this world with bad intentions.
They do not come to wear us out, test our patience, or push us over the edge.
They come to us with a need for love,
connection and belonging. 
 - Rebecca Eames

About Me

My name is Naomi Martin and I have been involved in healing for many years, firstly with massage and then with Chinese medicine, completing my qualification in 2001, with the wonderful teacher and practitioner Professor Wong Lun.

As a child, I was always stressed and anxious. It did not always manifest as tearing my hair out or anything so dramatic (although occasionally it did!) I was generally "vagued out" at school, fearful and timid, preferring to get lost in the safety of a book than be involved in the rough and tumble of school life. I also had what would now be called OCD, as did other members of my family, all with different peculiar little rituals!

We travelled overseas when I was nine years' old and my fears became overwhelming, while my "little rituals" were now so distracting, they were keeping me up at night.  The fearful thoughts in my head never stopped. That was when I got glandular fever, and the sheer relief was worth every swollen gland and visit to the doctor. I could relax and be taken care of. I could let go at last. What a lesson in understanding the enormous pressure stress puts on the immune system!

One day our teacher showed us into a candelit room where autumn leaves had been scattered. She then took us through a visualisation meditation. It was the greatest gift I could have asked for. This unforgettable experience ignited my love of meditation and the idea that to find my greatest treasures, I had only to look within myself and they would always be there for me.

Many years of dance, yoga, meditation and martial arts later, I am here, so passionate and still learning about children, how they manifest stress and how we can be there for them when they do. Recent losses in my own life have given me a deeper sense of what it is to feel that disconnection with others and with life. As a mother, I became painfully aware of the effect my own pain was having on my daughter. As adults, we tend to become impatient and expect so much of ourselves. When we are not self aware, we can expect too much of our children too.

I so look forward to meeting you and your child and finding the ways together towards greater happiness, inner security and peace, as well as developing healthy and happy relationships between you and other members in your family.

I would love to hear and listen to your story. Please feel free to call for a chat if you have any questions about me or what I do.